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Developing the youth of tomorrow

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1Developing the youth of tomorrow Empty Developing the youth of tomorrow on Tue Sep 11, 2012 1:57 am


The Premier league has long been proclaimed as the most entertaining league for Football in the world. This is largely down to the foreign talents that are brought in who add more excitement to the games. This isn't to say other leagues don't do the same, but it is multiplied ten fold the the English league. But at the cost of entertainment, we suffer on the International stage. It's fairly clear for all to see, on the international stage we just don't turn up.

The talent of this squad can't be questioned because each player in their own right are each talented and gifted. But as a system of producing players, England are years behind foreign leagues who priorities the development of youth. Athletic of La Liga for example have a policy of only taking on local talent. As these players develop, they are then called in to the senior squad. It clearly pays off because as a club, they never seem to fail in qualifying for the Europa leagues, which isn't bad considering they compete with the Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona. But the local talent they help nature doesn't only benefit the club, but also the national team. Seeing how Spain have won the world cup and the last to European cups, you can't deny that they're doing something right.

The England national squad have recently opened up a new base of operations called St George's Park. It contains state of the art equipment and serves to better develop the England senior squad, as well as the England youth teams. So the National squad are clearly trying to pull their socks up, but I don't think it's enough. I think the Clubs across the country should also be doing their part to bring success to the national team.

Clubs participate can participate in 3 leagues. U-18's, U-21 (formally known as the Reserves league) and the first team. I shall only speak for Manchester United as it is a club I know very well. United have a reputation for developing youths and bringing them through to the first team. The latest example being Danny Welbeck. However, they also help train foreign players in their U-18 squad. This isn't a problem considering that as a club, they want the best players. If they can raise them while they are young - it only proves to better serve them when they are older.

I believe that the U-18 squad should only consist of British players. Not just United, but for every team. I think that while it will reduce the quality on show for each club, it's a policy which puts British players before foreign players. Players who are good enough from the age of 18 would then successfully transition into the U21 squad, where they can compete against the other brighter talents available, but not just British players. If clubs wish to purchase foreign players, then they should be over the age of 18. It would mean they would have to pay more money in comparison to buying them at a younger age, but it's a worthy cost. These players are likely to have a better experience when not forced to play in an U18 team anyway. For example, new 18 year old signing Angelo Henriquez, purchased for 4 million, was playing at first team level before moving to United. He has gained valuable experience which he wouldn't have got if he had moved to United any earlier.

There are obviously a few complications which would need to be worked out. But the underlining point is that clubs develop only British players up to the age of 18. It will help with the development of the British prospects, easier to pinpoint the better talents and puts or nation before others. This wont stop clubs purchasing foreign players at a first team level, and why should it, but it will make them think twice before spending money as they could have a British player in their ranks who could be ready to step up. Potentially being a star of the future. Again, foreign prospects can still be brought in, just not till they are over 18. Ronaldo was purchased by United at the age of 18 and it's fair to say his development worked out pretty well. It's not necessary to try and raise them while they are young - let their respective countries do that, while we focus on developing British players. I don't think we should limit it to just English players though because if a young Scottish/Irish/Welsh player has a lot of potential, they would likely be picked up by a larger club. While it may seem too go against my point, it's important to help other nationals, especially those who we are so close too.

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