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1Represent your club Empty Represent your club on Sun Sep 02, 2012 5:39 am


How do you fancy representing your club through the forum? You can apply in this thread and you will be granted the permission to create a thread for your club. An official club thread basically. In this thread, you would post a description of your club, history, fact-o-files, statistics and whatever else you feel like adding.

As a representative of your club, you would also take responsibility of creating the match day discussion thread for your club. So if Manchester United were playing Manchester City and I was the lead United representative, I would create a thread, include some pictures, likely line up of the United squad (If there was a City rep, I could import their likely line up) include a description of the match, previous fixtures ect.

Clubs are based on a first come, first served basis. However, failure to uphold your club (when others are ready to do it) could lead to your leading position being revoked to the second member to join (Or if you have many members, a person could be nominated)

Once a club has around 10 members (could increase) you can apply to have an official group created. As much as I would like to allow these group to have specific colours, I won't allow it because it can cause confusion. However, I can make it so members of the group each have a badge next to their name, so a mini United crest in my case. That's all I have in mind at the moment, but I would be open to suggestions.

Again, please apply in this thread. Thanks.

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